Those Eyes



Those deep drowning eyes.
Which look at me with questions.
And want to ask me a lot.
Those crystal eyes.
With some fear in them.
With some hesitation in them.
Which makes me feel stronger.
Those tearful eyes.
Which show me happiness.
Which show me pain.
Those blank eyes.
Which feels lonely sometimes.
Which thinks a lot.
Those beautiful eyes.
Which are like you.
Which are the door to you.
Those closed eyes.
When you want to be alone.
When you want to block yourself.
Those blazing eyes.
When you are filled with anger.
When you want to spill everything out.
Those sad eyes.
When you want to cry.
When you want others to understand.
Those dancing eyes.
Which glow in gleefulness.
Which are filled with life.
Those sharp eyes.
Which doesn’t take life to be easy.
Those bright,shining eyes.
Which makes me forget pain.
Which bring joy to me.
Those silent eyes.
Which say a lot .
Which shout a lot.
Those soft eyes.
When you are melting.
When you feel the words.
Those illuminated eyes.
When you debate with the world.
When you put your point forward.
Those soothing eyes.
Which have care in them.
Which feels for others.
Those clear eyes.
Which know What to do.
Which know the right and wrongs.
Those believing eyes.
When they trust someone.
When they have faith.
Those gentle eyes.
Which are full of tenderness.
Which are emotional.
Those simple eyes.
Which have no complexity.
Which have no untold secrets.
Those eyes.
Which hide many a sharp pains.
Which cry when they smile.
Those transparent eyes.
Those glistening soothing eyes.


Sub: To You.. From Me..


Dear You,

Life is unfair and at times it tests you to the limits. I am on the verge of falling as I write. Falling off to an endless abyss of unknown where you can’t reach me; where your voice can’t haunt me. I tried to reach out, I tried to change the uncertainties and tried to create some symmetry out of the chaos, which was You. But time and again, I failed, I faltered. yet the peace which once resided in me, has vanished without a trace. Silently.

Countless nights I lay awake. Staring at the ceiling, hoping to see you as my eyes search the darkness. Listening to the silence, to hear one note of sweet melody that once was your voice. but the emptiness of the night hung so heavy that my heart aches, It pounds with pain. With writhing, unbearable, unimaginable pain. I curse you, I adore you, I loathe you, I love you. Still.

You once were my pain, my joy, my friend, my life. It ended. It crumbled with the walls falling on me of what we called a home. The invisible sanctuary which held you and me strong and safe In rain and storm. The sanctuary we made unknowingly, innocently. From the feelings of the tender heart full souls, that once we were. Now its all gone. I search for it. When I travel, when I work, when I sleep. when I breathe. Everyday, every single moment. But I am lost. And the sanctuary has withered somewhere in the oblivion, with the sands of time, flowing endlessly.

Yet here I am. Washed up and weathered. I eat, I work, I sleep, and I repeat. living a lifeless life with all the things I can hoard to replace you. Yet the void remains. The only static and stagnant thing in my life. The Void. I tried filling it up. But every time the void gapes more and more. Swallowing every bit of the newness and attraction from all what I try to fill it with. And in the end I am left with the likeness of you which shadows the newness and forces it out. Away from me. By me.

You are nowhere but still you are here. Somewhere. Hiding behind that bench where we sat, someday back in the past. Walking behind me when I walk home. Cooking with me on Saturday nights. you just like to tease me as always. Hiding behind unknown faces and yet smiling at me. I know you are there. With your bright smile, waiting to touch me, waiting to hold my face. But you don’t. And I wait for you at every corner, at every turn. Ready to act surprised. But You show up no more. Now you just like to hide. And it hurts.

The day you died I died along with you. And now I am just a hollow of a man with nothingness filled up to the brim. The need to live has ceased to exist with you long gone. I want to end the suffering but I can’t. I promised you. I kissed you and promised you. so I live. Broken. But I live. Its difficult, and I am cold and alone. But I live. Because you made me promise.

I don’t long to be freed of this immense pain. And I don’t want this pain to wear off. This pain is the closest thing I have left of you. The shapeless, stinging, agonizing pain. And I will keep it close to my heart. Tucked away. Hidden. Forever.

From Me.

P.S. I still keep the coasters lined up on the rack like you did and I still keep your boots out when it rains. I still hate broccoli which you loved so much. And I still find it difficult to remember dates which you reminded me every time I forgot.