Gen Y


India Power Outage

8.30 in the morning, and you can see students and college youth with all sorts of backpacks to all styles of handbags. And there is one thing that is common among them…i.e. “Earphones”. Listening to some favorite song of theirs (choice varies from person to person) and totally oblivious to what is going around them. Fingers moving so fast on their smartphones (aka ‘cell’) that even the Ninjas of Shaolin will fell their ninja chops to be slower; moving with snail speed. The frequent careless glances here and there, and again back to business i.e. Texting!!! Apart from texting; some of them (especially girls) have another time pass. Closing their eyes and pretending to sleep when actually they aren’t (sans The earphones). Fascinating…!!
The other day I boarded from Rohini East. There was this girl; with her eyes closed. Her head on the glass support, to her left. I was mistaking her to be sleeping. So were the other passengers. Two boys boarded the Metro at Inderlok Station. They found the spot next to this girl, so very they stood next to her. After about a minute or two; there was a cracking sound and the two boys left for the next coach. The source of the sound was unknown to most of the passengers. Except for few (including me).Apparently the “Desperate Duo” had some exchange of comments between themselves, about the girl. Unable to interpret and understand the nature of the apparent stance maintained by the female; they said something that was loud enough to reach the auditory sensors of the girl. The moment she heard what was being said. Her eyes opened with fire and rage in them. Filled with anger and looking at the “Desperate Duo” as to burn them down with her single gaze.

She was no Lord Shiva, the god of destruction; so they weren’t burnt to ashes. But, the wrath of her fury struck one of them. She allowed her palm to make contact with one of the cheek of one of the “Desperate Duo”. But it was supported by a firm force fueled by her anger, which resulted in the cracking sound. To save themselves from further humiliation and confrontations the “Desperate Duo”, desperately left for the next coach. Delhi Daredevil Girl won again….:). MORAL–Looks can be deceptive!!! So be-aware.

For past two week there was this examination season. Everywhere I looked, there were books, xeroxed notes. The ignited minds; by the fire of exams. You walk to any station in the morning and you can see boys and girls trying to cram up things in their heads. Revising out loud, so that the sexagenarian sitting next to them too gets hold of some things from the modern education system (totally different from what he/she might had).The other day there was this shabby, bearded guy. Trying to memorize some of his left out syllabus; as if he was teaching the whole coach. The guy next to him literally got up and stood by the exit door (the uncanny power of a student!!). I have seen people fall when the Metro stops. Because they had notes in both their hands .I have seen people boarding out at wrong stations. Because they are so engrossed revising the syllabus. Exam fever is one hell of an intoxication.

Every now and then a group of friends board the Metro at some station or the other and become the head turner of the crowd. They move in groups. As a “Wolf Pack”. Hunting….. For the best place to hang out. And whenever any such pack of “Wolves” enters the Metro, one can see the excitement. The rush of adrenalin. The cheerfulness. And a lot of other things, which a person forgets as he/she progresses in age. Seeing the “WOLVES” leads to a certain feeling of nostalgia. When I used to be like that. When I used to enjoy the company of my friends and give a damn to what people think about me. Yeah they make me nostalgic, but not sad. These “Wolves” are so entwined into one another that they don’t have to think twice before reacting to one another. As if they have that sixth sense and the innate ability to sense and feel the other of their kind. Their proximity can be felt. Their instincts can be intuited. They are so absorbed among themselves .Living every moment…every damn moment of togetherness. And they shout out loud, silently…..WE ARE A WOLF PACK!!!

A large portion of the population traveling through Metro is the “GEN Y” .Diverse, intense, zealous and advance in all aspects of modern world. While I travel I see all kind of people. I came across some genuine people, who do care about making their surrounding a better place and the people around them more comfortable. I also came across few people who are so self-centered and insensitive, that they prefer to sit when a 60+ person is standing near them hoping that they might offer them their seat. I have seen people do this and I think-why? India has the largest number of youth when compared to any other country. That means we have more power. THE YOUTH POWER. Someone rightly said,”Youth has got tremendous power and potential. But they actually don’t know their own strength, what they are capable of doing”. When I travel through Metro, I am able to see that power. That potential. When out of 60 people treading down from the escalator, 40 are youth. I see that power. That is YOUTH…..

I feel it…