As the Day Ends



The glow of the sun,
when the fading rays,
touch the cold water,
with warmth in them.

The softness of the wind,
when it blows,
and makes the still leaves,
dance over the trees.

The moist droplets of dew,
on the green grass,
when the day breaks,
into the twilight.

The crimson reflection,
of the setting sun,
with its glowing hazy shadow,
on the crystal clear water.

The twinkling image,
of the shining dots,
that belong to the sky,
on the mirror of moving water.

The feeling of nostalgia,
which grows strong,
with every lighting candle,
as the day ends.


I See a Dream

I see a dream sometimes.
And it’s so real.
I dream of high Mountains.
I see deep gorges.
I walk through the green valleys.
It looks like heaven.
It feels like heaven.
The flowers of all colors.
The mist over the high peaks.
The cold clear water of the river flowing.
The white, cloud filled sky.
The pine forest so dark n lush.
The sweet scent of the flowing winds.
The vastness all around.
And among all this…
I……living the dream.

The Rain



For the first time…
It rained in the desert…
For the first time …
The sand tasted the water…
The dryness vanished…
Everything became moist…
The first ever rain…
The thirst quenching rain…
The drops of cold water…
On that burning, thirsty earth…
The long awaited storm…
That crashed onto the earth…
The wet winds that flew…
The gift of sky…
The rain…

Those Eyes



Those deep drowning eyes.
Which look at me with questions.
And want to ask me a lot.
Those crystal eyes.
With some fear in them.
With some hesitation in them.
Which makes me feel stronger.
Those tearful eyes.
Which show me happiness.
Which show me pain.
Those blank eyes.
Which feels lonely sometimes.
Which thinks a lot.
Those beautiful eyes.
Which are like you.
Which are the door to you.
Those closed eyes.
When you want to be alone.
When you want to block yourself.
Those blazing eyes.
When you are filled with anger.
When you want to spill everything out.
Those sad eyes.
When you want to cry.
When you want others to understand.
Those dancing eyes.
Which glow in gleefulness.
Which are filled with life.
Those sharp eyes.
Which doesn’t take life to be easy.
Those bright,shining eyes.
Which makes me forget pain.
Which bring joy to me.
Those silent eyes.
Which say a lot .
Which shout a lot.
Those soft eyes.
When you are melting.
When you feel the words.
Those illuminated eyes.
When you debate with the world.
When you put your point forward.
Those soothing eyes.
Which have care in them.
Which feels for others.
Those clear eyes.
Which know What to do.
Which know the right and wrongs.
Those believing eyes.
When they trust someone.
When they have faith.
Those gentle eyes.
Which are full of tenderness.
Which are emotional.
Those simple eyes.
Which have no complexity.
Which have no untold secrets.
Those eyes.
Which hide many a sharp pains.
Which cry when they smile.
Those transparent eyes.
Those glistening soothing eyes.


Have you ever heard the silence speak?
It do speak if you try to listen.
It is never silent.
Sometimes there is a rumble of thunder.
Sometimes there is rustling of leaves.
If u try n hear.
You can hear the whistling of wind.
The murmur of sleeping birds.
The dripping of that open tap.
The voices coming from far.
And if u can’t.
Then close your eyes.
And you will hear them.
You will hear the creaking of old floor.
You will hear the curtain move.
The sound of burning fire.
But sometime all u hear is silence.
No word.
you can’t hear a thing.
But you can feel.
The cool wind in your hair.
The warmth of noon sun.
The chill of the cold water.
The sharpness of a rough edged stone.
With your closed eyes.
Have you ever tried to feel?
What all that is there.
To be felt.
Someone passing by.
That soft touch on your shoulder.
The whispers to sooth you.
The fingers that wiped your tears.
Have you ever felt that?
We all can feel that.
We all can hear silence.
But we don’t.
Because we don’t stop.
To listen what it speaks.
To feel what it is.
It is there always.
Wanting us to listen it up.
Wanting us to hear.
Of all it holds for us.
Of all it embraces tight.
So next time you are silent.
Try and feel it.
Try to hear the silent words.
The sounds.
The syllables.
The music.
That is silence….